Our Story

Situated on the outskirts of Wingham NSW, the Simple Patch is home to Jarrod, Ashleigh and their two young children. Moving away from the city sprouted from our want to live a fulfilling and connected lifestyle that works in harmony with nature. We are applying holistic thinking, permaculture ethics and continually challenging ourselves to learn new skills to bring our regenerative lifestyle dreams to life.

Our farm currently has two off-grid dwellings made from natural building materials, a young food forest, multiple gardens, chickens and a horse. We appreciate the simple things in life, like good food, making memories with family and exploring the great outdoors.

We hope our actions can inspire and empower our children and local community, while also increasing the biodiversity and resilience of the land, so that it can provide shelter and food for all creatures that call this land home.

The Simple Patch allows our family to enjoy a healthy, regenerative, empowered lifestyle with connection to community and nature

Our Building Journey

In 2018 we stumbled upon Passive House design and were amazed by its claim of creating indoor temperature of 20-25C year round without a reliance on heating and cooling systems,

As our research and passion for building continued to grow we started on a journey which has seen us build two Hempcrete, Solar Passive, off-grid houses. From design to completion we have been fully engaged in the process.

Key considerations in this build were;

  • To minimise the carbon footprint of the build
  • To build a house that is passively thermally comfortable
  • To build a house suitable for fire events
  • High quality indoor air conditions
  • Long term functionality

We have thoroughly enjoyed living in our buildings and have been amazed at the comfort which you can live in when good design principles are applied.

To hear more about our journey you can listen to a podcast we did with the Off-grid Tribe - Crafting Eco- Conscious Homes with Ashleigh Horne

Come stay

Don't just take our word come experience the comfort of Solar Passive Design in our Hempcrete cottage. Situated on an easterly slope, the one bedroom cottage overlooks the food forest and is a perfect spot to relax and unwind. Watch the birds flutter, listen to the creek or taste the organic herbs straight from your own private kitchen garden,

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See below for additional experiences during your stay


Meet & Treat the farm animals - $30

Come meet our chickens, rooster and horse. We will feed them tasty treats, give them pats and check the coop to collect the eggs for the day.

Building tour - $40

In this tour we will share with you our story, knowledge and wisdom on sustainable house building. We can personalise this tour around your interests in Solar Passive Design, hempcrete, off-grid living and building in a fire prone area.

Farm and Garden Tour - $40

In this tour we will show you around our permaculture farm, introduce you to the animals and explain the design strategies we have implemented. We will visit the food forest, staple crop terrace garden, kitchen garden.

For years I suffered from psoriasis, having found no solution and being concerned for the extensive chemical lists on the recommended products, I took matters into my own hands. I sought the wisdom of naturopathy and combined it with my knowledge of food and product development to create skin care products that healed and rejuvenated my skin, When we moved onto the farm, I started to grow and locally source the ingredients that I use in the products so that I could be assured of their quality and sustainability,

I now share a range of my favourite products with my local community. We have facial creams, moisturisers, salves and insect repellants. All the products are made in small batches using the highest quality organic, local ingredients.

To find out more visit my fb page Simple Patch - Natural Wellbeing.

Plants grown organically are full of nutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients, that are restorative to your skin.

Our Qualifications


Bachelor of Food Science and Human


University of Newcastle 2012 - 2014

Food Product Developer for Multinational

and Australian wide food manufacturers

2013 - Present

Intro to Permaculture

Permaculture Sydney institute 2018

Permaculture Design Certificate

Limestone Permaculture 2019

Diploma of Sustainable Living

University of Tasmania 2019 - 2021

The Equiculture Horse/Land Management Course by Jane and Stuart Myers 2021 -2022


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

University of Newcastle 2012 - 2015

Software and Data Analytics Engineering 2016-Present

Intro to Permaculture

Permaculture Sydney institute 2018

Permaculture Design Certificate

Limestone Permaculture 2019

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Wingham, NSW, Australia